What People Say About You LOVE Piano Studio

 Karen Lien is a fabulous teacher who take a very personal, invested interest in her students. My daughter has had several teachers in her 8 years of piano, but none compare with Karen! She is a gem.  – Susan (Parent)

Karen Lien is at the forefront of piano teaching and is the only instructor in San Antonio trained in the innovative Play-a-Story improvisation based program. This Australian program has taken my 5-year-old son on a magical story book journey, weaving exciting musical theoretical tools with fun improvisation and composing strategies. I was amazed that after just 6 months of Play-a-Story and private lessons, my son enjoys improvising and composing his very own musical pieces.  – Emily (Parent)

Play a story was a really fun way for Elsa to start and build her relationship with the piano because she got to dive right into playing and creating music. Even at such a young age, not only did she learn a lot but I also watched her fall in love with her instrument and become more passionate about playing.   – Rachel (Parent)

I couldn’t ask for a better introduction to piano for my daughter. Ms Lien is patient with students and parents (who are active participants in her teaching) alike. She is reflective with her methods and has a variety of ways to connect with individual learning styles. – Arlene (Parent)

Karen teaches very interactive piano classes using interesting teaching tools for her students. Our daughter has been able to perform in two public recitals in her first year of classes. Karen is very good at providing opportunities for her students. – Andrea (Parent)

Mrs. Lien is a phenomenal and encouraging teacher who has taught me in a fun way. She has helped me to learn and improve very quickly! Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! – Cole (Student)

I could not ask for a better piano teacher than Karen for my 6-year-old daughter! Karen is a brilliant teacher who’s skilled, knowledgeable, patient, caring, and kind. I highly recommend Karen for anyone who wants to learn piano and loves making music! – Christina (Parent)

Karen encourages me to improvise and think creatively about the music. She has my strongest recommendation to students of all ages. – Jimmy (Adult Student)

Best teacher i ever had – Thien (Adult Student)

The teacher is very passionate about music and teaching. Her enthusiasm, patience, and the methods used to teach make learning piano a fun thing! My 9 year old has made a big progress since learning from her — not only technics but also music appreciation. – Yu Li (Parent)

My daughter was 4 years old when she started private piano lesson with Karen.  Karen is such a fun and creative teacher.  She knows when to do something else when my daughter lost her attention.  And with different approach from traditional teaching, it makes learning piano more fun and more imaginative.  My kid is asked to improvise her own songs.   Karen also devoted her time to encourage her students by having numerous recitals to boost up their confident.  Overall, Karen not only a very talented teacher, she also makes learning piano exciting, and the sky is the limit.  She is truly a wonderful teacher. – Lily (Parent)

My daughter Judy was a student of Mrs. Karen Lien’s piano studio for about a year. Karen is not only an excellent piano teacher but also an inspired educator who motivates students’ learning in different aspects. More than just marching through the pages of a beginning piano book, my daughter had been encouraged to improvise, to think creatively about music, and to develop her appreciation. Mrs. Karen introduces music through different games, instruments, technologies, and group lessons. My daughter is excited to go to the piano class and enjoys playing the new piece she learns every week. Last but not least, Mrs. Karen’s personality is kind, gentle, patient, and flexible. She is easy to communicate and always willing to help her students. I highly recommend Karen to anyone interested in learning piano. – Ruby (Parent)

If you are searching for a professional, knowledgeable, and trustworthy piano teacher, Karen has my strongest recommendation to students of all ages. She is kind but firm. I am very pleased with her teaching style. My 6-year-old daughter started the piano lesson with her in Oct. 2011. After a couple of months, my daughter improved her piano skills a lot. So I decided to learn piano from her. To be honest, I never imagined that I will be starting to learn to play piano at 46! In the beginning, I felt so hard and a little shy, but she is patient and always encourages me to improvise and think creatively about the music.  Due to her excellent instruction, I progressed at a very fast pace. – Jimmy (Adult student)

Mrs. Karen is a wonderful piano teacher.  My 4yrs & 5yrs old Sons were at beginner level for piano.  They took piano lessons with Mr. Karen for one year. Within one year of teaching piano to my children, Mrs. Karen has shown what a great teacher and accomplished pianist she is.  I have admired her unlimited patience for her students. She never raises her voice, never gives up on any students, and always praises their every single accomplishment, be it small or big.  I have enormous respect for Mrs. Karen.  She has been a great teacher and a positive role model to my two little boys.  I appreciate all she’s done for my children and everything she has taught them.  We felt so fortunate to have the opportunity to take lessons with her.  – Lilian & Joseph (Parents)

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