Treat your child to a SWEET piano lesson 

Your child is unique in our eyes. We treasure the wonder of the first moment your child touches a piano key.  
We teach the ways your child learn.  To show you what our lessons are like, we created this Magical Music CakeEach tier represents an important music learning element:
Music Cake

Music is a language

Think of how babies learn language. They listen, speak, then read and write. Music is a language. Child learns music through listening, improvising, reading and composing.  Our curriculum is based on Dr. Edwin Gordon’s lifelong research on how children learn music.

Magic Cake Experience

It is our desire to give you this magical and beautiful “whole-cake” experience. Learning music is like language acquisition.  This unique learning approach will make a lifetime difference.     
1) Listen  – Students listen to a variety of music in different genres
2) Speak – Students create and improvise freely on the piano
3) Read  – Students read music fluently and become independent, confident learners
4) Write –  Students compose own music. Improvisation provide a pathway to composition  
Imagine 20 years from now.  Your child, a grown up, comes home after a long day of work, sits down at the piano and starts making melodies without reaching for a music book.  
When you play from your heart, the melody just flows from fingertips easily.  Isn’t it great to know that even if you haven’t played the piano for years, you would still have the ability to be able to just sit down and play?

Problem with Traditional Approach 

Most traditional piano lessons only focus on reading.  Because of that, so many people said that they have studied piano for many years when they were little, however, they no longer remember how to play the piano.  
We want to bring you the “whole-cake” experience, treat your child to a sweet piano lesson that they will never forget.  We help your child find the inner musician, discover potentials and fall in love with playing the piano for a lifetime. 
Would you like to get the Magic Music Cake experience?   
Treat your child a sweet music lesson.  Let the sparkle in your child’s eyes shine a lifetime.
  • What People Say

    ""Mrs. Lien is a phenomenal and encouraging teacher who has taught me in a fun way. She has helped me to learn and improve very quickly! Couldn’t have asked for a better instructor! 🙂 "


Introductory Class

You LOVE Piano is the only studio that offers creativity-centered “Play a Story” program in San Antonio.
Join our studio and unlock your inner musician.  Let the sparkle in your eyes shine a lifetime.