Children love music, love to discover and love to create.

But why do they lose the wonder and excitement 

after starting formal music training?

The problem

Most traditional piano lessons focus on reading and perfecting music pieces.  While it’s important to read and play music fluently, often times, the technique drills turns into mindless repetition and learning music theory becomes filling out boring worksheets.   
Because of that, children see practicing piano as more “homework and chores to complete.”  
The whole process stifles creativity.  Most children start to HATE practicing and lose the sparkle in their eyes.

The Solution

  • We believe in your child’s inner musician, natural curiosity and creativity.
  • We teach the ways children learn music.  
  • Our curriculum is based on Dr. Edwin Gordon’s lifelong research on how children learn music.  The music learning process is similar to the language learning model.
Think of how a baby learns language.
They listen, speak, then read and write.
Traditional music lessons emphasize ONLY on reading music.  Our curriculum fills in the missing links by building a strong foundation on listening and speaking.  When your child creates music on the piano, they are “speaking and improvising music.”
The ability to speak and improvise fluently on piano helps students become a much stronger reader and composer in the long term.


Skill of a Liftime

Our students see piano as a friend – an endless source of inspiration

Find Inner Musician

Find your inner musician, perform with confidence, and achieve freedom at the piano

Games and Stories

Learn music theory through stories and games

Play Favorite Songs

Play your favorite Disney, Jazz, pop songs and famous classical pieces

Solid Technique

Build strong techniques and play impressive sounding songs 

Be All You Can Be

Become a highly motivated and independent learner and enjoy playing piano for a lifetime




  • What Parents Say

    "I watched her become passionate about playing the piano and fall in love with her instrument"

  • What Parents Say

    "My daughter is excited to go to piano lesson and enjoys playing the new pieces she learns every week."

  • What Students Say

    "I can improvise and think creatively about the music."

    Adult Student



Well Rounded Education

Introductory Class

You LOVE Piano is the only studio that offers creativity-centered “Play a Story” program in San Antonio.
Join our studio and unlock your inner musician.  Let the sparkle in your eyes shine a lifetime.