Piano Purchase and Rental Information

Playing on a quality instrument is essential to help the student succeed.  In my many years of teaching, I can really see a difference in students’ progress.  Students play so much better when they have access to a piano at home.

To help you find your ideal piano, I have done lots of research, played on various instruments and prepared the following information for you.

Entry Level Piano

These 3 options are affordable, entry level, good quality, full size keyboard with weighted keys in $400-$600 price range.

  • Yamaha P45

  • Yamaha P115

  • Casio Privia PX160

If you prefer a less expensive choice, Casio CDP130 is another option.

Other than the keyboard, the stand and bench is very important because it provides the right height, and fosters good playing postures and habits.

Keyboard Stand

I recommend Quik-Lok Height & Width Adjustable Mixer/Keyboard Stand  or wooden stand

*Some cheaper stand is not stable and does NOT support the instrument well.  You do not want the piano “moves” as you play.  Unless you are playing on a cruise ship.  🙂


*better to get adjustable height

Piano Style Pedal

Lastly, if the keyboard does not come with a Piano Style Pedal, consider getting a pedal (It’s about $20-30).

Other Options

For better tone production, sounds and touch that matches acoustic piano

CLP535 $2699 an excellent alternative to acoustic piano.  You can visit Alamo Music downtown to try it out.

CLP545 $3499 with real wooden key

CVP705 $8699

CVP605: a previous model of CVP705 (around $5000)

There are lots of other choices of acoustic piano. One of the best is Steinway grand piano ($60,000 and up).  You’ll learn a lot about the variety of pianos by visiting the local stores such as Alamo Music and Steinway Piano Gallery.

Piano Rental Program (Alamo Music)

$70 a month, Alamo Music (210)224-1010.