Piano Camp for Young Pianists

Baroque and Beyond Piano Camp

What a great way to start summer!  It warms my heart to hear students say

“I wish piano camp would never end!”

“This is the BEST music-related camp I have ever attended.”

piano camp 2017 Baroque wig and certificate

Countless hours of preparations and late-night works paid off when I saw the smiles on students’ face in the camp.  Here is a glimpse into the camp:

  • Your child, the young pianists, will be transported back in time to Baroque and Classical eras and learn to appreciate the life and music of two great composers Bach and Beethoven.

  • Your child will learn to play and interpret music in Baroque and Classical styles.

  • Ensemble music will be selected and given to students for practice prior to the camp.  Students will have ensemble experiences and play in group with both percussion instruments and pianos.  Your child will be featured in a celebration performance at the end of the camp.

  • In addition to ensemble playing, students will have an opportunity to compose a piece of their own and play at the end of the summer camp.

  • Other than playing in ensemble, music appreciation of Bach and Beethoven, students will learn through a variety of activities such as circle focus activities, rhythm train games, composition and theory.


Baroque Tuesday with Bach
10:00-10:10   Focus Circle Activity
10:10-11:25  Life and Music of Bach
11:30-12:00  Bach Ensemble
12:00-1:00     Lunch Break & Practice Time

1:00-1:30       Learn Baroque Ornamentation from Bach
1:30-2:00       Music Theory & Rhythm Train
2:00-2:50       You the Composer
2:50-3:00       Snack Break
3:00-3:30       Bach Ensemble
3:35-4:00       Crescendo Outdoor Blast

Classical Thursday with Beethoven
10:00-10:10 Focus Circle Activity
10:15-11:25 Life and Music of Beethoven
11:30-12:00 Bach Ensemble
12:00-1:00    Lunch Break & Practice Time

1:00-1:30       Beethoven Musical Mind
1:30-2:20       You the Composer
2:20-2:30       Snack Break
2:30-3:30       Performance Rehearsal
3:30-4:00       Finale Performance


Big thanks to Susan Hong!!!  I cannot have done this without her.  Susan brought such creativity, energy and great teaching to the camp.  The Baroque wig Susan designed is absolutely beautiful.  It’s a BIG hit among all the students.

Interested in learning more about the piano camp, find out here.